Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, digitalisation and sustainability across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. Our clients attain competitive advantage through our consulting services to drive growth, enter new markets, increase sales and enhance profitability.

At corporate level we help companies understand dynamics of market and industry environment and decide on strategic intent, overcome barriers to effective resource allocation and investments or biases that produce sub-optimal decisions.

At SBU level we help decide on market positioning, new market entries, branding and how to build competitive advantage, while improving the strategic planning process and boosting the organization’s decision-making capabilities.

We help clients understand market and technology trends and opportunities, address potentially disruptive threats and changes to the rules of the game and develop responses, identify new growth or efficiency opportunities, develop new ideas, competitive models and offerings and identify gaps to close and “hidden” strategic assets (resources, capabilities). Our analysis is based on robust data and we emphasize action planning and systematic execution.

Some of our consulting expertise are;

  • Business Strategy & New Business Development
  • Marketing Research & Bench-marking
  • Business Modelling & Eco-system
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

Business Strategy & New Business Development

Strategies and new business developments are always connected to market, industry dynamics and industry’s proneness to disruption or technological change. So it is evident that an organisation’s business strategy should be aligned to market dynamics and customer value proposition while desired revenue generation is targeted. We provide consulting solutions to our clients to develop a Business Strategy that primarily covers;

  • Market positioning and maturity of primary products.
  • Company positioning in the customers’ supply chain.
  • Product positioning in the customers’ value network.
  • Product Value proportioning (Technical) nature and how it contributes to customer utility.
  • Developing internal resources and capabilities (strategic assets).
  • Organisational structuring to meet the needs.
  • Management’s strategic intent and the company’s self-identity aligned to business goals.

Marketing Research & Bench-marking

Our customized research helps clients deepen their understanding of related industry economics, market trends, evolving business models, technology impact and competitive activities. We benchmark best practices and process outcomes across different industries within a relevant strategic context to add data driven actionable insights to clients’ strategic planning.

We complement quantitative rigor with methods designed to identify qualitative distinctions across the services value chain and allow companies to develop a better understanding of the relative performance of their operations versus competition.

Business Modelling & Eco-System

Advancing technology, changing market and competitive conditions have contributed to an accelerating evolution of business models,as companies try to improve performance and stay ahead of the competition. Surveys show that a large majority of companies’ regard business model innovation as a major priority. Business models are different from but complementary to strategy.

While strategies are plans of action to attain specific objectives, business models consist of a set of cascading choices -and relevant consequences- that describe how a company generates, delivers and captures (monetizes) value. The RAYAR Consulting Team works with client-team to identify good business models that is logically consistent, self-reinforcing, and robust to suit Client Organisation’s & Business Culture and understand customer value perceptions.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

In the ever-increasing competitive environment ‘Selling’ is always an art that needs strategic thinking that comes from proper & relevant facts-analysis and training the minds to implement a strategic action plan. Our Sales Strategy development exercise, builds skills in a Sales Organisation to identify real decision makers, internal deal-killer, avoiding bad deals, overcome competition and deliver customer value perceptions. The strategy and plan would be tailor made developed in collaboration with the organisation based on their culture, strengths and weaknesses. While Identifying your employees’ greatest performance obstacles, and create an engaging session to address the key challenges ee work on the team’s critical areas of need and offer the suitable solutions.

A New Business Development initiative or launching a Marketing initiative or rebuilding a marketing program from the ground up needs a strong Marketing Foundation which is based on suitable insights extracted from relevant data. We work with our clients closely to bring to the light a complete understanding on Market Data Analysis, Opportunity Identification, Value Proportioning, Analyse customers, and competitors; and coach to develop a successful Marketing Strategy/Plan.

We create Brand Stories for our clients and through our Branding Strategy & Brand development consulting we Conceptualize, Design, Develop Branding ideas aligned with the Industry, nature of business, core values, and business strategy. We provide services for Corporate & Marketing Collaterals, Digital & Social Media Marketing and Customer Interactive Events.