Industrial Heat Loss Management

Industrial Heat Loss Management
TPCheck™ (Thermal Performance Check) is a consulting Programme offered by the RAYAR GROUP to provide the Process Plant Owners a high quality thermal energy audit tool focusing on the thermal performance of technical insulation systems.

Why TPCheck is needed ?

It is evident and understood that multiple benefits of efficient industrial insulation are still and widely overlooked by the industry. Many independent research and case studies underline how Indian process plants are unnecessarily wasting energy and emitting avoidable tonnes of CO2 every minute they are operating. Moreover, with payback most of the times less than 1 year only, industry is first of all wasting money.

TPCheck evaluate insulation systems of existing facilities, and demonstrate how the insulation Efficiency could help;

  • Save Energy
  • Save Money
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

TPCheck contribute to energy management systems like ISO 50001 and in addition to energy efficiency potentials that can help to identify;

  • Process efficiency improvements
  • Safety risks to personnel

A TPCheck is intended to identify the spots bearing the highest energy saving potential and helps estimate the payback period on the insulation investment. The scope of a TPCheck usually includes un-insulated lines, lines with damaged insulation and insulated lines. The work scope includes:


Heat-loss analysis through tracing surface temperatures at all heat enabled plant equipment sections like Pipes, Tanks, Boilers, Channels, Ducts Valves and etc.
Analyse the existing Thermal Insulation design and propose revisions if necessary
Provide complete consultations on Thermal Insulation design for desired surface temperature conditions or Energy loss parameters.
Provide Quality Control and project management for thermal insulation applications.

TPCheck Programme provides industries and especially energy intensive industries with sustainable insulation solutions contributing to tap the energy and cost savings potential in industrial plants. evaluate the performance of industrial insulation systems; quantify the amount of energy and actual Dollars($) a facility is losing in its current insulation state. TPCheck in RAYAR Consulting are carried out by experienced Engineers and thermal insulation experts. A regular TPCheck conducted periodically at your plant could save millions of Dollars.