About Us


RAYAR GROUP is a conglomerate of Technical Experts, Strategists and Trainers providing solutions through Technical, Management & Business Consulting, Skills Development and IT Development, with a team that constitutes richly experienced Engineers and Business Professionals that build value to the services offered in diverse industry sectors.


We are committed to constantly improve the business and revenues of our customers. We do this by striving for leadership and global competitiveness in the business sectors in which we operate.


Pioneering with Integrity to achieve Excellence being socially Responsible.


Be bold and agile, courageously taking on challenges to develop innovative solutions.


To be fair, honest, transparent and ethical in our conduct.


Be passionate about achieving the highest standards of quality.


To integrate environmental and social principles in our businesses.

Samson Suresh, a seasoned leader that has directed organizations in the visioning, development and implementation of Business strategies. Successful development of economic business cases and helping customers in India, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and executing aggressive Business plans are testimonials to his business leadership. He leads the RAYAR Group businesses in overall Strategy Development and Implementation, Customer Business Development Operations, Public Affairs and Executive Mentoring.

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